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With Science on Your Side

Back in 2018 I participated in YES Competition Scheme.
Objective - to develop business and entrepreneurship awarness among scientists. With three other friends, we have created a company called AbouT. Although in principle hypothetical, for us it was very much real. We worked on our start-up with the full commitment for 6 months. Having scientific background in cutaneous research and immunology, we have decided to target acne skincare market. Unique properties of Efficasil - bio-nanoparticle technology eliminated complications and made acne treatment more potent. Our product - NIKIBI cream was launched together with acne self-assessment app - AbouTYou. Outcome - Winner of "The best healthcare business plan" sponsored by GSK.
For my Portfolio work I decided to revisit NIKIBI Project and upgrade the product concept with recently acquired front-end skills.

My role
  • COO & CPO
  • Branding
  • LOGO & Product Design
  • UI / UX
  • Prototyping
  • Product Strategies
  • Market Share Research

design meets Innovation

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Power of Precision

Efficasil technology is based on unique properties of Silicon (Si 14). When working on NIKIBI design and the launch campaign, I decided to use shiny grey / black, flint-like look of silicon.

Your personal AbouTYou app.

Physical & emotional wellbeing are linked to one another. As a result it influences the way we think & feel about ourselves.
Most of the patients who we spoke to talked about the emotional side of having acne. Hence, we have partnered with eTreat MD inc. and implemented their knowledge on AI & machine learning to build our acne self-assessment app.

AbouTYou app
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Self-assessment of your acne treatment

It was always about giving a sense of not being alone. We wanted to create a personal wellbeing platform. Acne scan results available to view in seconds, consult a doctor, check current acne trends, join chat rooms to learn about acne.
While working on UX/UI for the app, I wanted to create a simple flow, sleek design with easy to access data dashboard.

AbouTYou - Wellbeing

  • acne results
  • acne doctor
  • chat about acne
  • trending about acne
  • write your diary about acne
  • shop acne products